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Services Offered to Companies and Organisations in Malta:

CompaniesWhat is an internship? And why hosting an intern from another European country?

Our Internship in Malta programme focuses on the integration of highly qualified young students and fresh graduates into the labour market by complementing their basic pre-existing qualifications with practical on-the job experience in a company in Malta for a certain period of time. Our internship programme allows our students to  get a first contact with the labour market and, at the same time, help companies increase their awareness of new knowledge and competences. Our programme has the positive effect of supporting and enhancing innovation in the host company since our interns do often speak two or more languages, thus helping those processes of internationalization of companies and organisations that are nowadays at the very basis of business relationships and further developments.

We take care of all our interns and we support them by helping them to find a suitable accommodation and to settle in Malta during their placement with the Maltese local companies. All our internship programmes are unpaid and our interns can work either part-time and/or full-time basis.

If you would like to participate to our programme and if you wish your company/organisation to be added to our database of hosting companies, please send us an email at info@internship-in-malta.com or fill in the form below and we will immediately get back to you.

Services Offered to Educational Agents:

AgentsStudents are currently looking for internship programmes around Europe and particularly in English speaking countries. An internship has become part of their professional and educational training.

Often, students from the European countries consider the internship as an added value for their training language course abroad.

Our internship programmes are very flexible. Students can combine an internship to a language course. As an option they can choose a part-time after the language course, or they can have their internship at the end of the language training course.

We can also organise short programmes for school groups. These programmes are called “Professional Ministays for Young Adults”. Groups can stay in Malta for one or two weeks and they can experience a short placement, professional training in a Maltese public or private organisation, whilst visiting the Island and discovering its beauty.

Special rates and prices are available for agents, so if you would like to receive a quote today and learn more about our internship programmes in Malta, or to have a training conference with one of our directors, send us an email at info@internship-in-malta.com and we will immediately get back to you. Alternatively you can fill in the contact form below.

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